Sort through the cupboards

Are your kids' wardrobes overflowing?

Our resale service is the perfect solution for you! We take care of everything :

The selection, ironing, photos, posting online, prices are estimated fairly and finally we highlight the products on our networks.

Simply save time and money while freeing up space with our services. Contact us!

  • Sorting and checking

    Take the time to sort and ensure that the selection meets our quality criteria and our list of brands included

    Once you have collected at least 40 pieces, contact us!

  • Deposit or sending

    Several possibilities :

  • Selection

    Within 2 weeks, receive by email a list of our selection and prices (purchase or deposit).

    2 options in case of non-selected items:

    • Donate
    • Collect them at your expense (€5 if sent)
  • Remuneration

    2 options:

    • Direct repurchase (40 pieces max):

    To find out more about the redemption conditions, click here

    • Deposit :

    You will receive the earnings from your items each quarter based on sales in the form of a transfer or voucher. The percentage is:

    - 50% if the sale price is > or = €20

    - 30% if the sale price is < or = €19.

Need further clarification? Contact us!