By creating your birth list at Kadolog, you benefit from -10% on our entire website

Once your list has been created, you can easily generate your -10% promo code to use on our website by finding us below

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How it works?

Several options are available to you to use second hand items when creating your birth list.

The first option is to buy second-hand items yourself. This is the preferred option for future parents. This allows you to choose for yourself, compare and buy as you go before your baby arrives. If you choose this option, you can also order items online. You will then just have to put photos of the items on your list, the prices and your loved ones pay the amount of the gift. It is then, in a way, a “reimbursement” of the product already purchased. Practical and clever!

The second option is to let your loved ones buy the items themselves. Either by selecting a Let's Walk "gift card" to put on Kadolog, or by specifying certain items you wish to receive.

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